About us

Our family, and this blog

We are a normal American 4 person family (a mom, a dad, and 2 kids).


Like a lot of other American families, we got ourselves into a heap of debt.

This blog describes our saga of starting over with our finances, one step at a time — starting with paying off our debt in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’re not lawyers, and this blog is not legal advice (in any way, shape, or form). We’re telling you our story. Nothing more.

It sucks at times. But we have a plan. (And another plan after that one).

And we’re going to make it.

The timeline

  • We met with a bankruptcy document preparer during the month of September, 2006.
  • We filed our petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy on Friday October 13, 2006 (yes, that’s Friday the 13th — we thought it was fitting). We filed our plan on the same day. We also paid the filing fee that day.
  • We had our meeting of creditors (our 341 meeting) on November 22nd at 9:30am. It was quick and to the point, because we had everything filed already. It was in the same building that we filed our initial petition in, so it was easy to find.
  • Our bankruptcy case was confirmed on July 23, 2007. We found out, because we got a letter in the mail from the court.
  • Our trustee finalized the plan arrangements in late September 2007. We got a letter from the trustee confirming the list of creditors and the debts owed.
  • I realized a.) I needed a place to pour my bankruptcy related thoughts out and b.) other people might benefit if they heard our story. I created this blog on September 27, 2007.
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