The plan

September 28, 2007 at 4:31 pm (Timeline)

Like I said before, our family is very visual. In keeping with that theme, my wife and I decided to give our family some kind of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ metaphor and create a poster. We wanted it to include all of the money owed in our Chapter 13, with chunks the size of a single monthly payment. We plan to pay it off early, but we thought this would be the easiest way to visualize it.

My beautiful wife made it. This is that poster:


(My youngest daughter made the person at the end that’s jumping for joy and saying, “Yay we’re out of debt”. She’s 8, and she’s in this to win this too)

As you can see, it includes our short-term plans for right after the bankruptcy is discharged, as well. Those plans include going to Disneyland. (I mean, if we’re going to have hope, let’s have some HOPE.)

The colored in ‘red portion’ is the payment that we have sent since this poster was put up. My wife colored one half, and I had the honor of coloring in the other. She chose to go with a very solid red. I chose to go with a red ‘skull and crossbones’ and a tiny ‘R.I.P.’. Oh, we’re killin that debt dead, baby.


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September 28, 2007 at 11:41 am (Vacation) ()

Many things changed when I headed down the road of bankruptcy: A lot of my financial freedom got taken away, I became emotionally stressed very easily, and frustration and a loss of hope can set in pretty easily if I’m not careful.

One of the things that hasn’t changed for me is the need to take breaks. Really long breaks, sometimes. Not the kind of breaks that involve running away from the world forever (because that’s what got me into this in the first place) — but the kind that involve long savoring moments of just … living.

As a family, we’ve found that daytrips are a great way to take a break all together. Daytrips used to have a line item in our budget. But, since we’ve been trying to cut back and send as much as we can to the trustee, we’ve decided to use my wife’s tips as our ‘vacation fund’ for now, until we get out of this. (Yet another change).

We even got a ‘vacation jar’ for this fund.

My family is very visual. Visual aids = good.


And like most things with the bankruptcy, we’ve talked about it with our kids, and they’re counting tip change with us, to deposit (eagerly, I might add) into the ‘vacation jar’.


Saving for daytrips now takes patience. And lots of pennies.

Our next daytrip is going to be in October, and we’ve pretty much decided we’re going to go to Tucson and try to vacation as cheap as possible.

I can hardly wait.

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Finally … ?

September 27, 2007 at 10:59 am (Timeline) (, , , , )

Well, almost one year and $14,954.05 later, our chapter 13 bankruptcy is very close to finally being approved.


Contrary to popular belief, that does not mean we’re finishing. It means this party’s just getting started.

We just got a letter from the court saying that the bankruptcy had been approved, and we got a letter from the trustee confirming the list of creditors and the details of each debt. We have a month to contest any of the amounts with the trustee, but it looks like we’re almost to the finishing line … so that we can actually start.

We filed our paperwork with the court on Friday, October 13th, 2006.

Today is Wednesday, September 27th 2007.

Gosh this has taken a long time.

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